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Beautymodel, Hair model, Hand model & Lips Model

1. April 2017 ,

A lot of people want to be a models, especially through the whole Germany’s next topmodel the popularity has grown under all the young ladies. The most important thing in the model business,so you can live and survive with that job, has never actually been mentioned in the GNTM.

Want to be  a model –  Ja but for which departement?

In the Model Scene, a lot of them you know that modelling isn’t really only modelling.
Basically models can model in a lot of different sections. Success, only very few have that!
Beauty, Catwalk or Commercial, have many different requirements, you could combine them, but don’t really work on one person, and that’s why only a few people are successful through that.

Let’s take a look on all those sections. Catwalk; they’re always very tall, thin and have got long legs.
In the Beauty scene is the face a big aim, having a pure skin, beautiful full lips

be a model

be a model

What are then Hair, lip and hand models?

A hair, lip and hand model work mostly or even mainly for the cosmetic industry.
That’s why it’s very important for the models to take care of their property.
I keep telling the models to care for.
It’s their property, it doesn’t matter if your skin is pure, or if your legs are tight or your eyes shine,
you haven’t got a chance, if you dont care for
That’s it’s very important for this model section to do care for Day for day!

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