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German / Spanish / English – here are 47 basic you need to know.

2. Mai 2017 ,

English is just one of the most spoken language on earth.

Wenn you go on a casting and you want to show what you´ve got, then you as a model, have to know the basics, to cooperate with the others.
A lot of productions in the country are done by the people from abroad, especially in Spain, you have to know how to communicate and cooperate with the photographer, manager, producer and even make up artists.

Here are 47 Basics you need to know:

German /Spanish/English

Das Abendkleid – El vestido de nocheevening dress
Der Ärmel – mangassleeve
Der Badeanzug – el traje de bañobathing suit
Der BH – sosténbra
Die Freizeitkleidung – ropa casualCasual clothes
Die Größe – talla – size
Die Hose – pantalonestrousers
Die bluse – blusablouse 
Das Kleid – vestidodress
Der Rock – falda – skirt
Der Schuh/e – zapato/sShoe/s
Die tasche – bolso – bag
Kleidung wechseln – cambiarse de ropato change clothes
Die Uhr – el relojwatch
Das Getränke – bebidasDrink
Der Hut – sombrerohat

Die Körperhaltung – Posturaposture
Die Haltung – la actitudstance
Die Schultern – hombroshoulders
Die Brust – Pecho – chest
Die Taille – la cinturawaist
Die Hüfte – la caderahip
Die Beine – las piernaslegs
Die Hände – las manoshands
Das Gesicht – la caraface
Der Mund – la bocamouth
Die Augen – los ojoseyes
Die Nase – la nariznose
Die Arme – brazo – arms
Die Nägel – las uñasnails

Die Pose – la posepose
Der Körper – el cuerpoBody
Entspannen – relajarse to relax
anspannen – tensoto strain
tanzen – danzato dance
Bewegungen – mover // movimientosto move
sitzen – sentarseto sit
umdrehen – girarto turn
pose ändern – camber de pose – to change the pose
lächeln – sonrisa // sonreír – to smile
lachen – risa // reir – to laugh
ernst – seriamente // ponte seria – to be severe
wütend – enojadoangry
verrückt – lococrazy
arrogant – arrogantearrogant
sexy – atractivoto be sexy
süß – dulceto be cute

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