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Model for advertisements

23. April 2017 ,

One aim or the dream, for a lot of models out there, to see themselves in an advertising film or a clip, on tv or online, or even seeing themselves on a huge poster or in the magazin.

The income of an advertising model is quite flattering compared to a catwalk model. Not only the income is flattering, also the prominency rises very high, as soon as your face apears on a brand or company. But what´s actually the meaning of an „advertising model“?

The classic Advertising, -poster or  an advertising campaign?

What´s a good advertising model? Advertising model is a specific description for a model which is in the advertising industry (as in Posters, films, clips)
The title of that job is commercial model.

The models aren´t those typica photoshoped ones, which are mainly used for the magazins, but there they use natural beauties, who have a nice face, look natural, their figur is normal, not thin, just very natural.

For the catwalk you have to have some specific body measurements, so if you´re a small person you haven´t got a chance to be a Catwalk model. But a commercial model, doesn´t have those requirements. The importance about this job is to look natural, as if you´d be the neighbours daughter or son.  So the clients or even the ones who buy those products, have to identify themselves with that model.
In a cosmetic industry is a model with a blemished skin very unlikely to hire, therefore the models have to be suited to the specific company.

Advertising photography and commercials

Advertising is a wide area. Poster, catalogs, ads even the commercials on TV or the internet goes all under the advertising industry.

A very good planned advertising-marketing strategy is just a normal advertising tactic, to get through the medias, social networks. An easy commercial for facebook or youtube is just another normal strategy to get into the mediapool, to reach your targeted groups.

The model and the requirements, on what does it depend?

The typical requirements are: the look, the figur, body height a beautiful face. But those who actually have the most success as a commercial model, are those who stand infront of the camera and be another person, showing their ambition! A commercial model has to be secure in their own skin, be open and show them what you´ve got.

you´re the one who has to deliver a message to the clients, being the face of a brand, you have to stand for that brand. Showing them your naturalness, being the girl from next door rather then being the arrogant girlie from the 10th klass.

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