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The best bars in Barcelona

30. April 2017 ,
You´re in Barcelona as a model, you don´t know the good places?

We´ve listed and checked the best bars for you in Barcelona. Here for a casting, several days or even for a whole fashion week! Over 1000 bars are located in Barcelona, from small to big, from famous to those only the locals know about.

Our top 5 bars in Barcelona, with delicous tapas.

Rosa Negra

Via Laietana, 46,
08003 Barcelona,

In the district of El Born, right on the main road is beautiful mexican place. The bar is well known for it´s best piña coladas, frozen margaritas and the good at last; mojito. Their mexican kitchen is well spiced, very fresh and even healthy as hell.

La Xampaneria

Carrer de la Reina Cristina 7
08003 Barcelona

The Champagne, should rain! That´s the motto of Xampaneria.
One of the most famour prosecco bar in Barcelona. A mixed bar, full of craftsmen, teachers, office clerks, you can really find everybody in their. An amazing vibe, that´s for sure.

Bar Bodega l’Electricitat

Carrer de Sant Carles 15
08003 Barcelona

one of the main secret bars in barceloneta, the touris don´t know this place at all, you walk slightly pass by this bar. It´s the ideal place to make some connections. The bar isn´t  very stylish, but  it has it´s own charakter. On a little board on the wall, you can find the top tapas served that day, especially the „Bombas“ (small potatoes filled with mint meat)

Absenta Bar

Carrer de Sant Carles 36
08003 Barcelona

Small and tight, but a lot of curiosity.  You can see the style of the bar, was influenced by the drink the drink everybody knows – Absinth.
Here you can just spend hours, without you feeling the time.

You just have to visit this place, then you know the vibe, wou couldn´t explain.

Creps al Born

Passeig del Born 12
08003 Barcelona

A Legend once said: One day Mr. Felipe Bourdillon’s at his creperie located at Paseo del Born in Barcelona, listened something weird crying inside one fridge. Him, surprised by this strange sound opened it finding Juanillo Falcón inside. Juanillo wanted to make great cockatils so he called his friends; Marco Tagliabue and Nicolas Constantino who helped him promote the best cocktails at Creps al Born, always unpretentious and with a big smile. ( Quelle Creps al Born)

A cool story, right? alright let´s bring it to the point. The bar is famous for it´s glamorous cocktails. You notice it already as you read the menu, how they descirbe the cocktails. A cocktail in a bag with a shot like charly sheen. When you´re here in that bar, order some delicious tapas, but i assure you won´t leave the bar sober.