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The best photographers in Switzerland

11. Mai 2017 ,

The best photographers in Switzerland – Like the model agencies, there are plenty of photographers.

Especially at the begining, it´s very overwhelming for new comers to send their CV´s to agencies, plus you´d have to search for a photographer who does some images for your portfolio. Mainly you get disapointed in a bitter way, when the agencies say your portfolio isn´t good enough.

Especially in the beginning you take what you become, but thats a major mistake. Better invest money in your portfolio, so you can start right away with good products. If the portfolio is optimal and good enough, you also get a lot more requests, either from agencies, photographer, production companies etc.

Here we´ve got some photographers in your country: 

Ralf Eyertt
+41 (0)43 537 84 31

Püntstrasse 3 8047 Zürich

Roger Schüeber
+41 (0)79 747 10 40

Bandwiesstrasse 1a, 8630 Rüti

Marco Gressler
+41 (0) 78 888 74 87

Morgenwies, 9242 Oberuzwil

Nicky Jay Photography

Kleinwilhöhe 2 / 6048 Horw

Serge Pfändler
+41 79 702 18 03
Fehlwiesstrasse 34, 8580 Amriswil TG

Eric Condette

cramarts photography