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The first steps to be model in an agency

5. Juni 2017 ,

The first steps to be model in an agency
. You´ve had enough of selfies? decided to be more than a selfie „model“ and become a real model? Or you want to be model professional and get your career on?
Then make your way on searching some agencies. 
In this blogpost we want to show you how to prepare yourself, for agencies.

Why do you need an agency?

Through Facebook and co. a lot of newfaces renounce on being in an agency, because it´s actually going good through social media. But that also just can go to a specific limit. The big fashion labels do not search on social media, they go to Model agencies.

Besides, model agencies are quite important for the models, they support you, train you, defend you. Your agency knows you and knows how to present you optimally. For new faces, it´s very optimal to be in an agency, because they support you the right way and present you the perfect way.
Yes there are always untrustworthy clients or jobs request, but agencies protect you from this.
Abroad offers are quite cool, but agencies know which ones are trustworthy and which not. Not payed overtime, a lot of models get exploited, but agencies are here to get you the right offers, recommend you accomodations.

But how do you find the best model agency?

Nowadays you have plenty of agencies, but which one is best for you? Like all, we start searching online. The easiest way is to search for model agencies in your region, just search „ Model agency+my City“ But when you want to enter into the big media world, then typ the big city in your country as in „Model agency+ Berlin/Zürich/Barcelona/Paris/London

How to recognize a trustworthy model agency? There are several lists on the Internet with the top agencies, VOGUE is one who keeps it up to date.

Take a look at the agencies yourself and try to see which ones are trustworthy.

Step 1/ Website – The agency has a trustworthy website. The Importance is here, the information of the    agency, but also the style of the design.

Step 2 / Level – How high is their level to models? Take a look at the model board, can you see yourself there too? Following points should be seen- Have the models got the optimal proportions? Have they got good facial expressions? Are the images of the models in high quality?
Step 3 / Clients – does the agency work with trustworthy clients? You can see that easily on the website

Step 4 / Researching–  Look through reports of models or clients that have worked with that agency- take note that: Not every comment results to the truth. To make sure you know somethings of the agency, just read plenty of reports and comments. Just make sure you still make your own picture of that company.

Take note of some untrustworthy agencies!

•Easy entrance into the agency, without an interview

•no collaboration with trustworthy clients

•Entrance fees

•No naming of location nor headquarter

So, you´ve found a model agency and want to start through.

An agency receives plenty of CV´s. Your CV has to be done well, if not, you won´t be receiving an answer.

We´re going to show you how to start right.

CV´s work through Emails nowadays. IF you find an Email and a name whom you can send, then start off!


What should be included in your CV?

The agencies have on their website your admission criteria, you should be in your application the

Measurements, so chest, waist and hip circumference, Also there you find on your website, what the modelin
Her sedcard. As accurate as you are, the better you will be with your application. Also
You should attach great importance to the accuracy of your measurements. If you make a wrong statement,
It does not fall back on you, and the first hurdle may be lapsed.

Measure your measurements with a normal measuring tape.If you are unsure, get a person of your trust for help. In order to accurately determine the circumference of your breast, the tape must be applied to the widest part of the breast and tensioned. Important for women: If you wear a bra while measuring, pull approx. 1 cm, with push-up bra’s at least 2 cm. To measure the circumference of your waist, place the tape at the narrowest point and pull it tightly. The hip circumference is measured in the widest part of your hip or post. The optimal model for a woman (as a guideline) is 90-60-90.

In your application, you should still send pictures with you, but you should make a selection that shows you in wasting facets, fashion, portait and beauty. As well as simple polaroids.
You are now a new face and have no pictures? no problem

There are agencies where the prerequisites are that you already have some pictures to choose from. If you do not have a single picture yet (Selfie is not valid) look for the search for good photographers. The easiest way to do this is via the internet or Facebook groups eg „Photography + your city / country“. We advise you to search your website, look at the pictures, and search for photos from the photographers. You should also compare the photographers, compare the pictures, not the prices. It does not bother you to pick an unsuitable photographer, and the pictures are not shot well, and you can do that in an agency. Here we have a selection of photographers, listed in different countries ( SWISS)

Polaroids for Models – Some agencies already have simple polaroid pictures for the application.
You can do this yourself, but you should get help from a friend or a family member. What are Polaroids? Polaroids are clean images, it helps you to stand in front of a white wall, good exposure, unpainted, in simple, tight-fitting clothes (skinny jeans or leggings & simple top or t-shirt) and women preferably in high shoes. A picture should be taken by you in underwear, on a picture you should laugh, look at the other rather expressionlessly into the camera. Important: No big posing! The pictures should be simple and natural.

Checklist for models

• Optimal & accurate measurements

• Optically refined look

• naturalness

• The special touch (for example strikingly beautiful eyes / lips, small features like a tooth gap or a mother’s

meal, long & non-dyed hair, a special charisma)

• Confident, present & friendly appearance

If you meet all criteria of the model agency and the bookers find you interesting, then you are invited to a

personal interview in the agency.